what is quotex

Quotex is one of the alternative binary options trading brokers that you can choose in Indonesia. Founded in 2020, this broker is classified as still fresh and new. Well, that's why one question arises, are Quotes safe to trade?

what is quotex

To answer this question, let's review the Quotex binary options Indonesia platform.

Quotex developer

Before we answer whether Quotex is safe for trading, it would be nice to first review who developed this broker.

You need to know, Quotex is a trademark of Awesomo ltd. Where, the center of regulation of the company is carried out by the International Financial Markets Regulatory Center (IFMRRC) in Seychelles.

The company's focus is on trading cryptocurrency. Now one of the offers is a binary option with the Quotex trademark.

So, it can be concluded that Quotex is a broker of a multinational company. Although it is still very new, namely being established in 2020.

Quotex Regulation and Safety Broker

As we explained earlier, the license of Quotex is held by the IFMRRC. So it moves on a multinational scale.

However, this broker has not been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Indonesia. Therefore, the OJK will not be responsible if there are losses experienced by Indonesian traders who try this Quotex.

So, from the regulations in Indonesia, Quotex is of course not recommended.

However, if you look at the features and various offers of binary options trading facilities, you might be able to consider it.

Among some of the important things in transactions at Quotex are:

  • Minimum deposit $5
  • Transaction profit in 60 seconds is 95%
  • Market signal accuracy rate reaches 87%
  • There is a demo account that can be used
  • Deposit bonus up to 30% and I'm sure one day the deposit bonus will be 100%

Other information you can see on the Official website Quotex here.

Features offered by quotex

To be more familiar with Quotex Binary Option, then you need to know what trading features are offered, including:

1. Trading Interface

The advantage that is 'first priority' by Quotex is the interface.

Indeed, from the appearance it looks simple, elegant, and modern. It can be said very user-friendly for millennials who trade.

Many reviews from users say that the visual design offered by Quotex is simple and clean. So it is not confusing when the trading process.

2. Integrated Market Signals

The next feature offered by Quotex is a very high market signal, which reaches an accuracy of 87%.

So, it can be said that Quotex is one of the brokers that has sophisticated and innovative market signals.

So, it will really help traders to take considerations and decisions. Very suitable for binary options traders.

3. Complete Trading Indicator

Not inferior to other brokers, Quotex has also filtered trading indicators.

Thus, only the most useful indicators will be collected.

That way, the effectiveness and efficiency of trading becomes more precise and accurate. Making users very technically helpful.

4. Platform Speed

In the trading process, the speed of the platform is certainly a decisive thing, especially binary options which are sensitive to time.

Quotex offers advanced technology that can give you platform speed. So, you can take considerations and decisions quickly too to pick up trading profits.

5. Demo Feature to Practice

If you are still unsure about Quotex, then you can try it first.

Can directly do a demo at this page.

Try applying some of the features that happen with a demo account. If you feel comfortable, then you can go straight register here (link to article registration).

You just need to follow three steps to start trading on Quotex:

  • Register for free
  • Practice on a demo account
  • Make a deposit and start making profit by trading

Is Quotex Safe

Of course it's safe.

Judging from the previous explanation, there are regulations governing this Quotex broker.

Although it has not been registered with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority, the features are already qualified for you to try.

Keep doing intensive analysis, right decision making, and do it professionally.

Hopefully this explanation of whether quotex is safe can be useful for you. Good luck and immediately get income on Quotex!

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