Trading is one of the most popular types of activity in the world. Just look at the number of traders in the world which reached 9,6 people in 2018. Of the various types of trading that exist, one type of binary trading that has recently become a trend and attracts a lot of attention is Quotex.
Many traders claim to profit from this type of trading, but not a few feel that this trading is a scam. Well, to find the answer to this statement, let's look and learn more about what Quotex trading is.

Know What is Quotex Trading

Quotex is one type of binary trading that is currently famous for its ease in running it. Because it is a binary system, it can be said that this trading uses an online trading system, where traders have to guess the rise or fall of the price of an asset.


Later, traders just have to determine whether the market will experience a price increase or not. If it goes up, then just press the up button for a certain time. If it turns out that later the price does go up, then traders will benefit. Conversely, if you guess wrong, the trader will just lose his money.

To determine the pattern, traders can use the candle strategy. Traders need to study the trend to know whether the price will go up or down. Even though it looks easy and simple, make sure to study the theory well so you don't lose money.

But as with other trading systems, Quotex trading also has a high risk. Traders who try this trade can experience both profit and loss. For those who have just joined and are still in the learning stage, it's a good idea to play with a demo account first to get started understand the system.

Quotex Company Details

Compared to other types of trading, Quotex is new and not widely known by world traders. This is reasonable because Quotex itself was only developed by a company called Awesomo Ltd in 2020. Awesomo Ltd itself is a company a a company that already has an official license in November 2020.

How to Play Quotex

So for beginner or professional traders who are interested in trying Quotex trading, then try using a demo account first. With this virtual account, traders can learn patterns and how to play Quotex. For those who want to know how to play Quotex, here is a brief explanation of how:

1. Open a Quotex Account

Before you can learn more about how to play Quotex, everyone must register or have a Quotex account first. Registration can be done through the official Quotex account. Later we will discuss in more detail how to open a Quotex account in detail.

2. Selecting Assets

Those who already have an account can continue the process of logging in and selecting the desired asset. On this platform, there are many assets for traders to choose from, ranging from popular ones such as currency pairs to stocks. Traders only need to determine the type of asset they want and feel most profitable. If you choose the right investment, the profit or return on investment you can get can reach 92%.

When choosing an asset or instrument, pay attention to its liquidity. The higher the value, the easier it is to resell later. And the more often the price changes, the greater the amount of profit that can be obtained.
Finally, don't forget to pay attention to the budget when choosing assets. Fortunately, Quotex has a large selection of low-cost assets. So, traders who have a limited budget can buy assets for trading.

3. Determine the Investment Amount and the duration of the trade

Next, determine the amount of investment that will be given. Don't forget to set the time interval between 1 minute to 4 hours. Finally, choose the up or down decision, which will determine the trader's profit or loss.
In conducting trading analysis, do not easily get carried away by emotions or be tempted by tempting conditions. Emotions and selfishness will only disrupt concentration and make traders lose.

4. Don't Try to trade in 1 Minute

For beginners, one of the things to watch out for is to stay away from 60 second trades. 60 seconds is a short time but also very long for the trading process. In this short time, prices can change so quickly that it makes people feel anxious and frightened.
Trading 60 seconds is quite tempting because it can provide profits in a short time. However, if the opposite happens, then be prepared to experience losses. Therefore, this strategy is not recommended for those who are not ready to lose money, especially for new traders

5. Checking Trading history

Sal Islandah one way to be able to analyze and make accurate decisions is to look at the trading history. Using candle theory, study the patterns that occur and estimate when the trade will go up or down. In this way, traders do not minimize losses that can occur.

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quotex . Regulations and Security

One of the most frequently asked questions by new traders is whether Quotex trading is safe and trustworthy? For this question, the answer is safe, because Quotex has been officially registered with IFMRCC. This is also proven by a well-known trader and YouTuber from Indonesia named Doni Salmanan.

Get to know the Quotex Demo Account

source: Trusted Broker

For those who want to try Quotex trading, but are still afraid to start directly on the original account, then use the demo account provided by the official website. With this account, users can learn to trade without risk and learn new things every day. However, please note that the demo account does not provide all the assets so conditions can be different when you have lived it with a real account.

When using a demo account, everyone will be given an initial capital of $10.000, which is certainly a lot. That amount shouldn't be easy to run out. However, if the virtual capital runs out later, the user just needs to refresh it so that the balance is full again.
Even though this is a demo account, it's a good idea for users to take it seriously and use the right strategy. That way, when switching to a real account, traders are used to it and are not stiff or surprised anymore.

Quotex Deposit Bonus

There are many reasons why traders decide to switch to Quotex over other trading systems. One of them is because the system is simple and very easy to run. Traders can carry out the trading process via HP or the official Quotex website.

The second reason why many people are interested in joining Quotex trading is because the bonuses are quite tempting. This bonus is given to traders at the beginning of the registration process. The amount of the bonus also depends on the balance that was entered at the beginning of creating an account.

The bonus that can be received by traders can reach 30-50% depending on the time. However, if you are lucky, the capital entered can be doubled, making people even more enthusiastic about trading

How to register Quotex

For traders who are interested in this trade, make sure to have a Quotex account first. How to open a Quotex account can actually be done through the official Quotex website or by downloading the application. Choose one, then so as not to create the wrong account, follow these steps: Visit the Quotex Site

1. Register & Fill out the form


If you have successfully entered the site or downloaded the application, then select create account. Next, a registration form will appear that requires prospective traders to fill in some information honestly and correctly. Several types of information that must be filled include email, password to the currency you want to use for the Quotex trading process. If all the information is filled in, then click the sign up button.

2. Account Verification

If the steps above have been completed, then the actual account has been successfully created. However, before you can use it, the account created must be verified by Quotex. Later the Quotex will send an email to those who have been registered. Later, the account owners just need to confirm to activate the account.

3. Check Account Activity

Finally, make sure that the Quotex account that has been created is active and ready to use. The trick is to reopen the account that has been created. If you can make a deposit, then the account is active. However, if it still cannot be used for any activities, then the account has not been verified and is not active.

Quotex trading conditions

To be able to start trading on a Quotex account, there are not many conditions or requirements that must be met. If the account has been verified and active, then the traders just need to carry out the trading process. However, before that can be done, traders must first fill in a deposit with a minimum nominal of $ 10. Only with this capital, traders can start the trading process.

For withdrawals, the minimum amount applied is also a minimum of $10. Especially for Bitcoin, the minimum amount is $50. To make a withdrawal, traders do not need verification, even if the amount withdrawn is large or small. Meanwhile, the withdrawal time takes about 1-5 days.

Quotex Deposit Method


Another advantage of Quotex trading is the variety of payment methods. So traders can choose the desired payment method according to what they want. Some of the most widely used are using Bank Transfers, Virtual Account Credit/Debit cards, electronic wallets, Bitcoin, Usdt and many more.

With this wide variety of options, everyone can make deposits without experiencing any difficulties. In addition, there are several types of payment methods with certain conditions that are not subject to admin fees. So if traders enter $600, then the capital will be intact and not deducted by admin fees.

Quotex App

To make it easier for traders to trade Quotex provides a special application on Android that can be downloaded for free. Overall, the process of using it and the existing trading system is the same as that on the quotex site. It's just that by using this application,

Support and Service

In addition to the Quotex application that can be downloaded for free, Quotex also provides support and services for its users. Quotex has a professional team ready to support and serve its users 24/7. So, for those who have difficulty creating an account or the money suddenly disappears, then please contact the Quotex service.

That's a glimpse of Quotex trading and the benefits that can be obtained. Even though it sounds simple and easy make sure to learn each strategy properly. Also, don't be easily tempted by 60 second trades if you're not ready to lose a lot of money.

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